When I first browsed the Collaborative Curiosity: Designing Community-Engaged Research #curiouscoLab web site I found this map story created by Laura Gogia. Because of my interest in maps, I was fascinated.  I have been using concept maps to show my work over the past 40 years and felt this might be a new way.   Since participants in the course are encouraged to share their work on blogs, and comment on the work of others, I took some time today to create my own story map, showing my efforts to connect with universities in the Chicago region and beyond since launching the Tutor/Mentor Connection in 1993.


See the Story Map here

I was initially reluctant to create this because I’ve extended myself into too many new visual Debategraph-9_30_2011thinking tools over the past 15 years without having enough support or resources to execute the ideas I’ve been developing.

For instance, the graphic at the right was created in 2011, using Debategraph, a platform developed by innovators in the UK and Australia.  In this blog article I include a link to this and show some other tools to support systems thinking and collaboration.

In my new story map I show that I’ve been reaching out to universities since 1993, with the goal of engaging student, faculty and alumni in helping me do this work, as part of their own learning, teaching and strategic missions.

So far there are a lot of touches, but no firm, or long-term, connections.  I keep trying.

Anyway, I took the plunge. I started this about 10am this morning, and just finished it at about 5pm…skipping lunch along the way.

I’ll look forward to your comments and feedback.

Update:  I posted this article yesterday on Twitter and shared with some of my #clmooc friends.  Terry Elliott, who teaches at Western Kentucky University, created this YouTube video, adding music to my story map.