The graphic above shows a 20 year timeline of support needed for some kids to move successfully, and safely, from a birth in a high poverty neighborhood, to an adult life free of poverty.

Below is another graphic, focusing on the same long-term problem-solving process.


Helping kids to careers, with a focus on helping non-school, volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs become available in more high poverty areas of Chicago and other cities, is just one of many important issues challenging each of us every day.

On Sunday morning, the tragic murder of more than 50 people at a night club in Orlando, FL, provided another example of how difficult it is to maintain focus on problems that require many years, and the involvement of many people, to reach an impact.

Every time a natural disaster or man-made disaster happens in some part of the US or the world, the media pull our attention toward that tragedy (rightly so).  However, each time this happens, we potentially drop our focus on the work that needs to be done daily to remove some of the root causes of these tragedies.

Every election cycle in the US has the same impact, sucking attention away from work that needs manpower, dollars and ideas spread into thousands of locations, and focusing it on the nonsense coming from the mouths of candidates, media, and countless writers on social media. After the election we still need to take responsibility for the work needed to help solve complex problems in our communities. We still need money to do t his.

Yet, will we still be here doing the work that needs to be done.  Will the constant shift in attention to the daily distractions and tragedies, ultimately cause too many to leave the arena because they just cannot fund the sustained support needed to say involved.

I’ve written about this before on the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC blog (see articles).

My prayers and tears go out to people in Orlando, but also in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America, where people are suffering from man-made and natural disasters every day.

Giving_budgetLet’s find a way to budget our care, perhaps using a chart like this.