A lot of people throughout the world had no idea Trump would win Tuesday’s election, although I did have some pretty strong concerns.  I think there will be a load of articles that review his social media strategy and how he “framed the narrative”.
I’ve been part of some on-line learning communities for the past few years, such as the Collaborative Curiosity  event held in July, the Connected Learning #clMOOC repeated every summer since 2013 and others. I have been aggregating links to these at http://tinyurl.com/TMI-MOOCs-eLearning

Another that I point to is the Innovators Mindset MOOC at http://immooc.org/.  If you search the Twitter hashtag you can see how people are engaging around this and have been for several weeks.  If you visit http://georgecouros.ca/blog/the-innovators-mindset-book/chapter-1 you can see an outline of the book that people were reading during this MOOC.

I created this Race-Poverty concept map last year to illustrate how people in affluent areas have some of the same people who live in poverty areas.  Poor people just have fewer resources to help them overcome their problems. This is true if you live in rural America or if you live in urban America.
I’d like to find an on-line MOOC where advertisers, message designers, community advocate, PR people, social media marketers, etc. are gathering to innovate and agree on hashtags for each node on the left side of this map.

Such hastags would be unifying tools to connect people, ideas, messages, etc. in an on-going effort intended to build public participation and public will that results in new elected leaders at the city, state and national level, as well as time, talent and financial commitments from people in every part of America.

I created this Village map many years ago to visualize what I mean when I say “everyone” needs to be involved.  I wrote about this in this article and many others.
Using a set of agreed upon hashtags, we might be able to fill each of the nodes on this map with people who are giving time, talent, dollars and votes to resolve each of the problems shown on the Race Poverty map, in all of the places where data maps show the problem is a concern.
Trump used hashtags and a social media strategy to win this election. Let’s find a way to use the same strategies, even better, to shape a future world to be a place everyone can live and raise their families.
If you know of a place where this is being discussed, please let me know. If you want to help create that place, introduce yourself.