I’ve used concept maps since 2005 to visualize strategies I feel would lead to better solutions for complex problems. In my case I’m focusing on helping urban youth move through school and into jobs and careers with the help of volunteers and organized, on-going non-school tutor and mentor programs.

4-pt-step1I keep trying to help people understand and apply these strategies and yesterday posted a new article on the Tutor/Mentor blog, using this visualization to show Step 1 of the strategy. Most of my concept maps are created using a white background, but for this one I turned the background black, then made the lines connecting each node yellow.



In October 2014 I created an article on the MappingforJustice blog that also shows the four steps of the strategy.  This was part of a series of articles that started with this one.  In this case the background is white.

Which article is most effective at communicating this strategy?  Does the black background help?  Does it make a difference?

Most of all, are you using this strategy to support innovation and decision making in your own organization and to help youth serving organizations reach k-12 youth in all poverty areas of your community?

Share your own strategy visualizations.