I created the concept map shown at the top of this page to show the many different challenges we all face in different ways as we go through life, and to show that people in higher poverty have fewer resources to help them overcome these challenges.

Today I started reading the World Economic Forums Global Risk Report for 2018 and found this graphic in the introduction.


The only way anyone can understand what this graphic is showing is to spend time reading the report and thinking of what is required of individuals and nations to prevent the risks that we face.

The authors of the report wrote

We have to work together—that is the key to preventing crises and making the world more resilient for current and future generations. Humanity cannot successfully deal with the multiplicity of challenges we face either sequentially or in isolation.

MLKing-storymapOn Monday many in the US celebrated the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.  In advance of that I wrote this article, encouraging people to spend two to three hours in reading and reflecting in addition to attending prayer breakfasts and marches, or doing one-day service projects.

I followed that with another article, visualizing steps we need to take to solve complex problems.

The Global Risks Report 2018 shows that we have many problems and to solve them we need to figure ways to get more people reading, reflecting and finding ways to build connections with many others.

I look forward to being part of your resource library and your conversations.

1/29/2018 update – Here’s an article written by Dave Pollard, titled “Risky Business“, in which he writes about the 2018 Global Risks Report.